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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  October 7, 2016 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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now from abc 7, live. >> donald trump issues a late allege, after a leaked videotape shows him making lewd comments about women. >> let's be honest, we're living in the real world, this is nothing more than a distraction from the issues we face today. >> trump made his late-night apology in the last two hours following swift reaction from the conversation between a presidential nominee and a tv host. sergio quintana has more. >> dan, so far just about every key republican has denounced these comments about women, some
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calling them repugnant and awful. not everyone has stopped endorsing him. comments before a second. >> i moved on her and i failed. i'll admit it. she was married. >> then reality star donald trump was talking with tv host billy bush according to access hollywood they're talking about bush's former co-host, nancy odell, trump was just years into his marriage with his new wife. >> any who knows me knows it does not affect who i am. trump attacked bill clinton for his behavior as president and accused hillary of helping him cover up. trump's latest supporters say it should not elect him. >> this should not be personalities, 11-year-old
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remarks like this are unfortunate, but wouldn't drive what people are focusing on. >> senator dianne feinstein calls the comments awful and says there is no excuse for his behavior. >> this is a 59-year-old man at the time saying these things. if you're ever going to be mature, you're at 59, i would think. >> runningmate mike pence didn't respond to questions about his behavior. >> paul ryan announced vp pick mike pence will appear with him at a wisconsin event, instead of trump, the trump campaign says he will be doing debate prep instead. >> and several prominent republicans say in no uncertain terms they will not vote for
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him. the senator calling him unfit be president. cold mike coughman calls for him to step aside. others tweet he has the power to stop trump. the debate is this sunday night, a lot more interesting. we'll televise the debate here on abc 7, our coverage begins at 6:00. new tonight, one man is dead after a double shooting in san francisco, sky 7 over plymouth avenue on broad street. around 7:00, police found two men outside a barber shop, both shot, a man in his 20s died. the other man in his 50s was taken to the hospital for treatment. also new tonight, lots of people living in the sunset district in san francisco saw this. the san francisco firefighters posted this video showing smoke pouring from the back of the home on noirega street on 27th avenue, sky 7 was there minutes later, three people were hurt in
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the fire. and in the east bay, surgeries rescheduled after patients were sent out of a hospital room after a fire broke out at the contra costa county martinez health center. more tonight with the developing story. katie? >> reporter: dan, fire investigators are calling this fire an accident. an insurance investigator will come in to determine the exact cause. but it did ignite a diesel line which had had a black smell inside the hospital. it smelled like a gas or some type of chemical smell. we started to get a little light headed. >> light headed, and then raised blood pressure as people prepping for surgery evacuated the martinez health center. >> we were on the center floor, and she was getting her gown on and stuff and we're getting ready and prepared. the fire alarms went off.
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>> reporter: the fire filled the boiler room this afternoon. >> you're always worried about the smoke, and it was a fuel-fed fire. the boilers are powered by natural gas and diesel fuel. >> we had two patients in the operating room, they were able to complete the patients effectively. they were recovered on the third floor instead of the second floor. >> as firefighters extinguished the flames, mean surgeries were done in safer areas of the hospital. the fire marshal says it is meant for places like this. >> they're made to hold the fire at bay for up to two hours. >> the emergency caused ambulances to be diverted in concord. once gas service was restored, the hospital reopened. nobody was injured. and in fremont, an intense police search that put three schools on lockdowns, continues
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tonight. sky 7 was over the search on the sundale neighborhood this afternoon. police are still doing a scaled back search right now for a woman. she and three others are accused of stealing a woman's purse at gunpoint at warwick elementary school. the police arrested the other three. in emeryville, a man tried to kidnap a young child here, happening on third street, police say a man walked up to a mother and her 5-year-old child and tried to grab the child. the mom screamed for help, the emeryville police were able to capture the kidnapping suspect. the sikh coalition wants to see hate crime charges filed after this attack where a man was attacked in his car last month by a group of men in a pickup truck. they knocked off his turban, hit him in the eye and mouth and slashed his fingers. you can see the injuries here,
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police arrested two of the suspect, the district attorney could file charges next week. now, an accuweather alert from abc 7 news. and that accuweather alert is hurricane matthew, tonight the storm is moving away from florida, that is away is happening as we speak. this is video showing the scene in savannah, georgia tonight, the category 2 storm is now hugging the coastline and the carolinas, bringing pounding rain and wind plus the storm search. we have live team coverage on the storm. lauren lister is standing by in florida, but we'll begin with abc news meteorologist sandhya patel. >> this is near hilton head, south carolina, let me show you where it's homoving.
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bands of heavy rain, you can take a look here, not just the rain that is bringing the flooding but the storm surge as dan mentioned, florida, georgia, south carolina as well. winds decreasing, gusts off the coast of georgia from the national hurricane center have been reported as high as 78 miles an hour. hurricane warnings up through next week, the wind gusts, 47 miles an hour here in savannah, slamming the area, when you look at the reports out of the southeast there are numz reports of flooding, wind damage, category 2 near charleston, a category one near north carolina and then pushes out to the open, continuing to veer back around, almost forming a backward sea. but it is a depression as it heads towards florida, impacts with this, isolated areas could pick up to 15 inches of rain. the storm surge flooding will co isolated tornadoes
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are possible. so dan it is going to be destructive as it continues to move up the coastline. >> absolutely, at least it's not as strong as it was just hours ago, thank you. and we have more with abc news reporter lauren liyster. >> reporter: good evening, dan, it is hard to believe around 12 hours ago you couldn't even walk where we are because the winds were so strong as hurricane matthew ripped through here. it caused downed trees, and now the storm is moving north. hurricane matthew is moving up the coast now slamming parts of georgia and the carolinas. >> the best thing now is just to hunker down, stay in a safe place, don't move or try to move around, storm warnings in florida, the storm claimed at
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least four lives and left behind a trail of damage, the ocean, pouring over dunes in jacksonville beach. the flooding extended for blocks. nearly two dozen people, including children, were at one point trapped by this bed and breakfast by the rising water. further south, roads washed away while wind gusts topped more than 100 miles an hour, tore down power lines. and trees. >> like a big boom, we've seen it come down. >> in haiti, utter devastation, the death toll officially at nearly 300, but at one count it tops 800 and is rising. meanwhile, hurricane matthew is weaker, yet 26,000 people in the carolinas are watching the warnings and riding out hurricane matthew in shelters. >> and we heard that the death toll has gone up to six.
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nearly a million people are without power here, and residents are told it could be a week before the lights are on. i'm lauren lyster. thank you, lauren. now we have up to the minute blog, you can push for the latest on hurricane matthew. stay with us, coming up, breaking news, a big fire in the east bay. a huge response from firefighters. a live update straight ahead from the scene. >> oh, yeah, orange october. we are with giants fans as they root on the orange and black in tonight's nlds matchup.
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live, breaking news. and that breaking news is in concord where you are looking live at a fire that injured two people in an apartment complex. this is on clayton road, just past treat boulevard. the fire started at 9:30 p.m., now under control. people aramedics treated two pe for smoke inhalation. they did not go to the hospital. well, tonight giants fans were believing, but it was not enough for game one with the cubs, still fans say it was a good game in classic giants baseball. katie marzullo has more. >> reporter: the giants game was on all 11 tvs, the drink of the day was named after buster posey, and they looked for momentum. >> if they win the series, they go on, this is the year they were supposed to win the world
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series anyway. >> 2012, 2016, i believe it. >> the believing was not a win. >> giants are not going to blow anyone out 10-2, we don't do that in the playoffs, we're all about scratching and clawing. >> every pitch and swing matters because the game might come down to just one single swing. >> this san jose fan had a good night. his team won, of course he was watching a different game. >> i feel very uncomfortable. >> game two for the giants and cubs is saturday in chicago, monday at at&t park. and san francisco's chinatown community development center celebrated the live of rose pack tonight, the china town center had planned the event to honor pack, after she died last month, they decided to celebrate her memory anyway.
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there is vic lee there with the celebration. and they helped many on stockton street who were threatened with eviction. and sandyha as more on the weather. >> while things don't look good on the east coast, they look great here, you see high clouds assisting through paid for just a stunning sunset at 6:43. the high clouds gave a burst of color here. tomorrow morning, sunrise will be equally beautiful. and just gorgeous enough for fleet week festivities. so if you're going to the air show tomorrow, 80 degrees. make sure you have plenty of fluids, cooler on monday, columbus day as the fog rolls back in. more of a breeze, fleet week festivities. weather could not be better. high clouds and here is a look at the temperatures today. it was on the warm side across
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the entire bay area. we had had 70s, 80s, 82 in san francisco. well above normal for this time of year. and tonight our city by the bay is just absolutely spectacular in honor of fleet week, we see a lot of blue. temperatures right now, 69 right now. in san francisco. pretty warm in san jose, 68 degrees, half moon bay, 57, a live look at the emeryville camera. fog not a concern tonight. upper 50s, santa rosa, low 60s to napa, livermore, one other live picture from the east bay hills camera. you can see the visibility for many miles. blue skies for the blue angels, much cooler weather next week. tomorrow the heat along with the air pollution will lead to a spare the air alert. moderate elsewhere according to the air district, the record, the 26th alert of the season, tomorrow morning starting out with 50s.
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we'll see high clouds. other than that it's going to be clear. for the afternoon, hot in the afternoon, 88 san jose, pretty warm day on the peninsula, mid-to-upper 80s, from redwood city to palo alto. 80 degrees, 80 in san francisco, in the north bay, upper 80s for napa, sonoma, santa rosa, east bay you will need plenty of fluids. mid-80s, oakland, san leandro, low-to-mid 90s, 90 in livermore, san ramon, and in case you want to enjoy the beach tomorrow, warm sunshine, a gentle breeze, look at the numbers, 70s, 80s, sunday watch out for large breakers. a beach hazard statement for the entire coast sunday through monday afternoon. here is a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. a warm hot one tomorrow. cooling begins sunday, spreads across all areas on columbus
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day, much cooler middle of next week we'll bring in chance of showers right now starting to look like friday. dan, starting to become a little more clear at least at this point. a week ♪ ♪ jon batiste has mastered new ways to play old classics. with chase atms, he can master new ways to deposit checks too. easy to use chase technology for whatever you're trying to master.
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the blue angels will roar all weekend over the way area, abc 7 news was in san francisco as navy and air force planes performed a flawless show for fleet week today. the parade of military ships was impressive and eye-catching. get the full fleet week schedule on our abc 7 news app. a great weekend of activity. all right, well, awfully close tonight.
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sports director larry beil is here. if you like magnificent moments o-- johnny cueto was fantastic against the cubs, and fantastic against the cubs, and john lester matched him pitch
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abc 7 sports, brought to you by river rock casino. good evening, johnny cueto was amazing for the giants tonight, but so was john lester for the cubs, who would score first? could anybody score? a lone giants fan, and stressed out. deep to left center.
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gyorko is here, let's lets the ball get by him, scoreless, big mistake there, sixth inning, cueto strikes out the side, finishes with ten ks, but lester, the a's wish they would have had some of this a couple of years ago when he was wearing an oakland uniform, bottom eight, cueto, one mistake, here is comes, there is goes, baez crushes it. this ball just gets out. 1-0, cubs, bill murray, loves it. that's your ball game, 1-0, cubs, it will be jeff samardzija tomorrow. >> we played well, and made good defensive plays. you know, we got some guys out there early in the game.
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and we just couldn't get a hit to finish it off. but it was a great ball game. i expect these games to be like this. and you know, the guys played great, they really did. >> ex-giants skipper, dusty baker, hosting the dodgers, dodgers jump out to a 4-0 lead, clayton kershaw who struggles in october, anthony randon, janson slams the door, dodgers take game one 4-3, colin kaepernick's spot on the sideline may have more to do with his contract than his wait. he may be back on the field for the 49ers soon. they are close to finalizing the deal that would eliminate the injury clause that guarantees his salary for 20 centennia1720 hurt in 2016, he could be a free
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agent for this season. could cap get his chance next week in buffalo? >> i'm not naming any starters for buffalo, just don't rule anything out, is what i'm saying. i guarantee the headline is, i didn't name any starters for the buffalo game, that is what i'm sayi saying. >> nobody will be named, not yet. >> all right, fantastic game tonight. so close. >> thank you very much. abc 7 news continues now on line on twitter, facebook, all the mobile devices with the abc 7


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